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                   A bit about Vanessa...

Vanessa hard at work...

Multi-talented, multi-tasking, and with a manner so warm and therapeutic that guests are reluctant to leave her chair, master stylist Vanessa brings over 20 years of experience to Salon Republic in Studio City. A truly dynamic designer, capable of conquering styles from simple to sublime with equal panache, Vanessa specializes in haircuts, highlights, color, extensions &  the Brazilian Blowout.

Vanessa has worn many hats throughout her career.  She has worked with almost every line of cosmetics available and has mastered an array of techniques.  Vanessa's expertise is not only limited to beauty makeup application, but also monster and special fx makeup.  She has worked both on and offset.  She has studied with Aveda Institute and Graham Webb of Hair.

Her life experiences have allowed her to develop an ability to tune-in to her clients’ desires.  Many stylists are known to only have one or two hair styles that they have mastered,  so they pass that off on everyone - regardless of whether or not it is the right choice for that person.  You will not find that here.  Vanessa lives for solving each individual 'puzzle'.   She will always offer a personal experience for each client. 


Jesse ~

"I'm an actress.  Over the years, I've dealt with many people in the 'beauty industry'.  Let me tell you something:  The buck stops here.

I have never had anyone take care of me like Vanessa does.  Not only is she an angel and listens to my drama for hours, but shes actually GREAT at what she does too.  I will NEVER go to anyone else."

- Jesse Meriwether

Stephanie ~

"I ran across Vanessa completely by accident.  I was looking for someone to do my wedding.  My mother and I were talking and this woman overheard us.  She turned around and told us about her hair lady.

I thought to myself, this lady is so crazy about her hair dresser - she is singing her praises to complete strangers!  Well, it was meant to be.  I love Vanessa.  My wedding was amazing - and now my hair is always fierce!"

- Stephanie North

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